Talking Time Keeper


What’s the time... all around the world?


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Talking Time Keeper is a useful Agenda which will help you to be always in time.

As its name indicates, it tells you the time and data, but it is not its only feature, you can program it to remember you a date or whatever you want.

Talking Time keeper is fully customizable and you will be ale to change the skins and even the voices which tell you the time and data (not only the available ones, but you can record the voices you want to tell you the time).

It includes a day-night map, very useful if you have to phone somebody overseas, because you will be able to see at a glance if it is day or night there.

If you have friends oversea, you can keep track of the current time at their location, be able to tell at the click of a button whether it’ night or day where they are, and even personalize your TTK display window with a photo of your choice.
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